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About Me

I am a Swift and React-Native developer, hackathon junky, classic car enthusiast, and hummus lover. I live in Palo Alto but I tend to travel a lot.

I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Penn State in May of 2015. While in college, I ran my own company and headed the Innoblue Venture Accelerator where I helped five student teams transform their ideas into effective businesses.

I've spent a lot of time, outside of college, studying and exploring various technologies inlcuding human-computer interface, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cross-platform mobile design, and augmented reality via 3D mobile scanning.

Outside of technology, I've been reading a lot about the Chinese style of Buddhism known as Zen. One particular concept that really stands out to me is Shoshin, or "Beginner's Mind." Beginners learn the most effectively as their minds are, inherently, ready to learn. By suppressing arrogance/pride and approaching each learning opportunity with the mentality of a beginner, I can ensure that I absorb the maximum amount of information available. I highly recommend the book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryƫ Suzuki. I also enjoy hiking, biking, and almost anything involving water.

Ask me things on Twitter if you're curious.


I love collaborative building, good food (especially hummus), socializing, hiking, biking, listening to music and traveling as much as I can.

Technically, I love iOS development and everything around it. You can find me watching WWDC videos in my free time or creating prototypes. Every day, I'm learning how to better build elegant, scalable and technologically-focused solutions.

Feel free to send me an email.