Dan Stepanov

I build products that people love to use

I'm a detail-oriented hummus enthusiast with a passion for product development. Over the last 10 years, I've gone from chemical engineer to software engineer to technical product manager and I'm currently spending my time alternating between New York and Los Angeles. To date, the products that I've built have hundreds of thousands of users and operate in various industries including education, politics, professional sports, and finance.

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What am I up to?

I'm currently advising PlayCall on their Fantasy Live experience. I have a passion for education and ensuring the civil liberties of people all over the world. Subsequently, I spend my free time advising and volunteering with Hacker Fund where I help disadvantaged high school students learn to code. For more things that I've worked on, check out my Work page.

I typically use React, React-Native, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, and AWS to build products and Zenhub to manage the engineering process. I've been spending more time on my webscraping skills lately via Selenium and Python and will likely post some relevant projects shortly.

A lot of my free time is also spent reading. Right now, I'm reading "Mastering the Market Cycle" by Howard Marks, "Ghost in the Wires" by Kevin Mitnick, and I just wrapped up "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" by Ramit Sethi. Let me know if you have any recommendations, especially on the topic of finance.

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