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Snack for That

A collection of Expo Snacks from various developers that explore useful and compelling functionality.


Expo (YC S16)

Make any app. Run it everywhere. Build one project that runs natively on all your users' devices.


Sondors EV

An electric self- and remote-driving vehicle that is aimed at being affordable for the average person.


ProPhone (YC W21)

ProPhone makes it easier to grow your business and spend more time in the field, rather than the office.

Marble Kiosk

Marble (YC S19)

Cashier-free checkout at restaurants via elegant kiosks that allow thematic customization.



A distributed network of people with 3D printers working to provide PPE to hospitals in the greater LA area.


Slice Capital

SEC and FINRA-approved funding platform providing startup investment to the masses.



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    Started working on an electric car ⚑

    After putting everything I had into ProPhone, I found myself working with some amazing engineers on a self-driving electric car for the LA Auto Show. It felt amazing to hear people say it was the most innovative thing at the car show and we're now working to bring it into production.

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    Graduated Y-Combinator W21 and launched ProPhone πŸš€

    After 12 weeks of the hardest work I've ever done, we launched a platform that solves the massive communication problem faced by home-service professionals.

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    Joined Y-Combinator W21 🟧

    Fulfilled a dream I had since college by being accepted into Y-Combinator! Such an incredibly rewarding experience.

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    Launched New Website πŸŽ‰

    New website, who dis? This website is built using NextJS, TailwindCSS, and is deployed via Vercel. I'm looking forward to adding a lot more to it over the coming weeks!


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    On Deck Fellowship πŸ™Œ

    Honored to join this incredibly supportive community of makers. I'm regularly inspired by the people I talk to within On Deck.

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    Moved to Santa Monica 🌴

    Who doesn't love living right by the beach? Watching the sunset from Palisades Park is heavenly.

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    Supply LA Hospitals with Over 20k Face Shields 😷

    Joined Crash Space in their efforts to centralize everyone in LA with a 3D printer to mass produce face shields during a nationwide shortage. The group now uses injection moldings which is way more effective.

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    Joined Marble (YC S19) πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

    Led the complete overhaul and full rewrite of Marble's user-facing application, moving it from Objective-C to React-Native and Typescript.