Oh hai, I'm Dan



ProPhone (YC W21)

ProPhone makes it easier to grow your business and spend more time in the field not in the office.

Marble Kiosk

Marble (YC S19)

Cashier-free checkout at restaurants via elegant kiosks that allow thematic customization.



A distributed network of people with 3D printers working to provide PPE to hospitals in the greater LA area.


Slice Capital (acquired)

SEC and FINRA-approved funding platform providing startup investment to the masses.



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    Graduated Y-Combinator W21 and launched ProPhone 🚀

    After 12 weeks of the hardest work I've ever done, we launched a platform that solves the massive communication problem faced by home-service professionals.

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    Joined Y-Combinator W21 🟧

    Fulfilled a dream I had since college by being accepted into Y-Combinator! Such an incredibly rewarding experience.

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    Launched New Website 🎉

    New website, who dis? This website is built using NextJS, TailwindCSS, and is deployed via Vercel. I'm looking forward to adding a lot more to it over the coming weeks!


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    On Deck Fellowship 🙌

    Honored to join this incredibly supportive community of makers. I'm regularly inspired by the people I talk to within On Deck.

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    Moved to Santa Monica 🌴

    Who doesn't love living right by the beach? Watching the sunset from Palisades Park is heavenly.

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    Supply LA Hospitals with Over 20k Face Shields 😷

    Joined Crash Space in their efforts to centralize everyone in LA with a 3D printer to mass produce face shields during a nationwide shortage. The group now uses injection moldings which is way more effective.

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    Joined Marble (YC S19) 👨‍💻

    Led the complete overhaul and full rewrite of Marble's user-facing application, moving it from Objective-C to React-Native and Typescript.