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Since moving to California in 2015, I have worked on numerous apps and projects. Most recently, I built Slice Capital and helped build Evolve. I also helped build 101 and I spent some time working at Make School. Almost everything I build now uses React, React-Native, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, and AWS. Other projects of mine are built using other Javascript libraries, Swift, and/or Postgres. I usually utilize AWS for any necessary backend services.

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Personal Projects


Minerva is a slack app that helps mentors connect with hackers at hackathons. It was, most recently, used at University of Michigan's hackathon, MHacks 8.


One day I got tired of taking and giving business cards so I made an app that allows me to simply select what contact card I want to share with someone and then it let's me send that card to someone via sms or email. The beauty of the app is that no one else needs to have the app for it to work.


Anycdote was inspired by Humans of New York. The app allows users to pin personal stories to geographic locations. Other users can then experience stories that close to them by proximity. Anycdote is written completely in Swift and relies on a Parse backend.

Project Reach

Reach is a secure & discrete communication platform I made for reporters who work in dangerous areas. I built Reach because I believe that every person is entitled to freedom of speech. Reach is both a web app and a native Android app built using React and React-Native. It is currently under development but, even so, it employs a multitude of features to protect users such as encryption of data using SSH, device-based account association rather than user-based association, and active camouflage via a series of distinct app disguises. Testing is currently being conducted between Harvard and users in Syria.